About ScienceBus 2016

The ScienceBus project is based on the successful Barcelona and Torino Science Bus event, realized by the ESOF2008 and ESOF2010 teams, that brought students to Barcelona and Torino for the EuroScience Open Forum. As before, 2016 Science Bus participants will be offered a subsidized ESOF fee, accommodation, and meals as well as free transport from their country of residence to Manchester and back. The ScienceBus project offers potential sponsors direct access to tens of thousands of young researchers from all scientific fields, plus broad media exposure (both traditional and modern internet media) before, during and after the project and ESOF2016 event.

About ESOF

EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a European forum held every two years, dedicated to scientific research, innovation and outreach. It was designed by EuroScience (www.euroscience.org) as a unique opportunity in Europe to present and discuss the frontiers of scientific and technological advancement, the relationships between science and society, and the policies supporting research. The core of ESOF is the Scientific Programme, but the ESOF2016 programme also features a Science to Business Programme, a Science in the City Programme and a Career Programme specifically dedicated to young researchers as well as researchers to be.

ESOF in General

  • A Scientific Programme consisting of keynote lectures, seminars, workshops and engaging formats for debating the latest research.
  • A Science-2-Business Programme that will link research with business and industrial applications, including matchmaking events.
  • A Science in the City Programme that will stimulate public awareness of science, innovation and new technology, and invites young and old to enjoy the fun of science.
  • ESOF 2016

    The next ESOF edition will take place at Manchester Central in Manchester, United Kingdom. The conference is organized by the local team in the Marketing Manchester agency that is charged with promoting Manchester on the national and international stage. As part of the Manchester Growth Company, Marketing Manchester undertakes marketing and communications on behalf of the group in support of the Greater Manchester Strategy. ESOF 2016 is supervised by a steering committee chaired by Dame Nancy Rothwell, President of the University of Manchester and Professor of Physiology in the Faculty of Life Sciences. E S O F 2 0 1 6 (www.esof.eu) will be a unique opportunity for leading scientists, young researchers, students, industry, policymakers, journalists and the public to discuss new discoveries and debate the direction of research across scientific disciplines.

    ESOF 2016

    EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a European forum held every two years, dedicated to scientific research, innovation and outreach...

    ESOF website>>


    EuroScience represents European scientists in all areas of knowledge and those interested in science, whether in public sector institutions, universities, research institutes or the business sector...

    EuroScience website>>


    The European Young Researchers’ Platform has aim to improve and harmonise data and information on the situation of young researchers in different European countries... Encourage young researchers to be proactive 
about their own career planning.

    EYRP website>>


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