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to go fishing. They require loads of water. partytreff ambrosia erotic sims Fish for Red Herring or Alley Catfish until you feel you have enough, and then use either as bait to catch an Angel Fish (freshwater, not saltwater). With the first life fruit, you can make Ambrosia as long as you have a death fish as well. If you wanna burn daylight doing that, be my guest. Eventually ambrosia will be enjoyed as often as they like. However, we're still missing the protein in that dish. This can be done as early as level 5 and catching deathfish will quickly increase the skill. With all those items you'll be able to craft yourself Ambrosia. Coupled with a death flower your Sim can easily have immortality, while all the other Sims around them die of old age and accidental death.

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Porno kostenlos sehen porno oma kostenlos Alley Catfish can be bought at the grocery store, but don't expect your catches to be high quality partytreff ambrosia erotic sims at first if you use this default alternative. The cemetery is usually a good spot in Sunset Valley. Ambrosia is used heavily in the. Scroll all the way down and click. I would also recommend having a maxed out Fishing skill.
Pinkelnde frauen trocken wichsen You could always get this two plants without cheats, but you have to splice a cherry and an apple together for the pomegranate, and the orchid requires you to be in the Astronaut career track and collect space rocks. Picture it: you're wedding night. How to get a potion of youth: You will partytreff ambrosia erotic sims need to gain enough aspiration points to buy it, by either completing an aspiration or doing little things. Replicating Ambrosia, while it's generally held that you can't replicate ambrosia in the food replicator, Swede1992, one of our forum moderators, had a great suggestion for a workaround. You come to a list of recipes, and ambrosia will be at the very bottom.
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Strassenstrich in nrw die oase swingerclub Gardening: t_skill_level AdultMajor_Gardening 7, fishing: t_skill_level AdultMajor_Fishing 10, okay, once you have all your skills leveled up, you're ready to move. SortNewestOldestLikes Page 1 of 1 Join In Jump to Top Disclaimer: - This site is not endorsed by kino porno lady tanja hamburg or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. The best place to catch the angelfish is in the Magnolia Blossom Park, located in Willow Creek. Guide Navigation : Cooking Overview, master Cooking, recipe List, ambrosia. That means that it's almost time to make the ambrosia.

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Enter this as many times as you need in order to buy the potion. Simply click on your fridge and select the option to cook gourmet food. Make sure that your gardening skill is at least level 7 and go out in search for Special Seeds - not Rare Seeds, or Uncommon Seeds - just Special Seeds. If they aren't in your household, turn on testing cheats and hold shift while clicking on them. Or, if you can't afford that, here's a cheat to get ahead in your aspiration. Keep in mind: it'll take a little while. Stock death fish in the fridge as well. Ambrosia is a food that you can make with a level 10 Gourmet cooking skill. Once you've got one life fruit plant, you can begin fertilizing them and improve their quality over a couple of generations. You need to catch a Death Fish, but you'll need to catch a few others before you can. How to get a Death Flower: I already made a chapter on how to get a Death Flower so you can go read that one to learn how to craft. Completing fishing challenges can help make this even easier. To see specific locations for each of these types of fish, as well as the death fish, head. Additionally, it can reverse aging, allowing Sims to jump back to the beginning of the life phase they're currently. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. Recipe: *1 Angelfish *1 Potion of Youth *1 Death flower, step 1: Skill Level is Everything. It won't make an elder into an adult, but it can keep that elder from dying. Once you get to the river next to the park, there will be three fishing spots. Go Premium 750 4 0, oops! partytreff ambrosia erotic sims

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