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are in fact fairy tales, while many, like Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland and Lady And The Tramp, for instance, are not. Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" is inextricably linked to assembly-line montages thanks to Looney Tunes. That this was a result of typecasting and not who she was in real life doesn't dawn on them, nor that she was actually a very good actress who was admired and respected in France and Germany, and cited as a great comedienne. Zoidberg, but the reference is lost on younger viewers.

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Thanks to numerous pirate stories set in The Golden Age of Piracy most people see pirates as noble and adventurous rebels who have a lot of fun sailing the oceans, attacking ships and burying treasures on a Deserted Island. Unless you're fan of the works of Hermann Hesse the word "Steppenwolf" will make you think of the band Steppenwolf first rather than Hesse's famous novel. Such as how many people don't know that things like the Mirage Palace and Dark Castle are from Seiken Densetsu 3 and not Brutal Mario, or that the 7 Koopalings boss is a parody of the final boss in Romancing SaGa. Peter Lorre 's voice is recognizable, even to those who have never seen any of his movies. Mit einem stimmungsvollen Gottesdienst begann. German secret intelligence only gave her more importance and notoriety to distract the French military forces who had arrested her. On the subject of the Lone Ranger and William Tell, this commercial, which references not only The Lone Ranger but another TV ad of the day for Lark Cigarettes. Porbandar, India: The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Lawrence owes his universal fame mostly to the film Lawrence of Arabia. Anthony!" was lifted from John.

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Most people know the phrase "water water everywhere but not a drop to drink but hardly anybody knows that it came from Samuel Coleridge's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner or that the original wording was "nor any drop to drink". They were fairly popular in Japan before the game was released, but in 1998, ocarina makers were suddenly inundated with orders for sweet potato (aka transverse) ocarinas. And even those characters were derived from Norse mythological god Odin, who travelled the sky on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir (a name many may know only from the character in Girl Genius ). Most people associate it with the series, but it's actually just a slightly tweaked version of part of the Maurice Béjart ballet Mass for our time. Apparently Eric Idle thought the name up because he was sure nobody would ever use it as a band name. The nickname of Mary Tudor? Alcatraz, San Francisco, USA: Escape from Alcatraz, Alcatraz, Alcatraz Series, Planet Alcatraz. Christopher Columbus is closely associated with the story how he supposedly made an egg stand upright on table by cracking its bottom half.

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Many comments on commercials (and some videos of the cartoon) for the toy have people stating something about Ted in them. Kent Brockman's "insect overlords" line actually comes from a horror movie called "Empire of the Ants which involves giant ants invading the Earth. "He don't know me very well, do he?" and "You bwoke my widdle arm!" s were lifted from the radio character Junior, aka "Mean Widdle Kid played by Red Skelton. Calgary, Alberta: Home of the Hart wrestling family. When many people think ältere frauen chat amstetten of Jekyll and Hyde, their notions are colored by the adaptations including "adaptations" like The Incredible Hulk. Comedy A Night at the Opera has ruined Il Trovatore for many people. Some people who hear the name Jesse James may think that you're referring to Team Rocket.

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